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We've put together a list of helpful apps that will give you quick and easy information on your business trip, helping you to have a good time.


With this app over 90 languages of our world are translated into words and writing. iTranslate translates a word or phrase, even if you submit it by voice. iTranslate changes the spoken sentences into a text and translates it into the desired language.


This app makes it easier for you to pack your suitcase for your planned trip. Depending on the duration of the trip, the weather on site, as well as the planned excursions / activities and whether you are traveling for business or pleasure - PackPoint will put together a packing list that only needs to be ticked off.


Convert Any Unit

Currencies, temperatures, lengths, weights, and more are converted by Convert Any Unit into the desired unit.

Visa Travel Tool

With VISA Travel Tool you will see all ATMs nearby. A currency converter, various travel tips and a few more things are also included.

ICE – In Case of Emergency

You never know when it comes to an emergency. ICE - In Case of Emergency stores your data such as your body size, weight, blood type, allergies, prescribed medications and insurance data. The data will be displayed on your smartphone if you have activated your keyguard. So the emergency services have your data in case of an emergency and are able to treat you properly and can inform your emergency contacts.

Urlauberia-Travel App

The ultimate travel app of Europäischen Reiseversicherung (European travel insurance). Urlauberia-Travel App collects all your planned trips and vacations. All documents and information on holidays in the respective travel guide - the whole trip at a glance, even offline - without data roaming abroad!

CityMaps2Go Travel Guide

With this app, you can reach all the desired places - even offline! Even before the trip, you can save places that you really want to visit.

Global Monitoring App

Global Monitoring App protects against threats of any kind. Using GPS, the app detects potential hazards in your environment, such as raids, strikes or demonstrations, accidents on motorways or traffic jams etc.


This app helps you to find restaurants, recreational activities, parking lots and a lot of other things in your environment.