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Experience Mexico

Tropical sun, colorful sombreros and a wonderful joy of life - this is how you can imagine the land of thousand colors. Carina from our IATA-Team flew to Cancun full of anticipation and now tells her story.

On the long flight to Mexico, you should be prepared, because after the short journey from Vienna to Zurich it continues for 11.5 hours with Edelweiss Air to Cancun.

Mexican - Mayan culture

Right at the beginning of the journey, we get touched by the unmistakable Mayan culture. After some driving we reach one of the most important ruins of the Yucatán peninsula, Chichen Itza. The site is considered as the largest political trading center of the Mayan culture and was of great importance around 1600 years ago. We were welcomed by tropical heat and fascinating structures - really impressive

Funny detail: When you stand in front of a "pyramid" and clap your hands, the echo answers with a bird sound.

The day was followed by a typical Mexican dish and the drive to Merida. After checking in at the hotel we take a sightseeing tour of the place by carriage ride. Idyllic and romantic – both, the drive and Merida.

Uxmal - city and ruins

Uxmal is at least as interesting as Chichen Itza and usually has less visitors. For me a big bonus! Also The surroundings are convincing me, and so we stroll through untouched nature, climb one or the other pyramid, enjoyed the breathtaking view and were simply impressed.

For lunch we get surprised with typical Yucatecan food: pulled pork, cooked in an earth oven!

One of the highlights of the trip was definitely swimming in a cenote, wonderfully refreshing and somehow mystical. What cenotes are? The collapse of cave ceilings creates these unique limestone holes. Many of the cenotes are connected underground. Dives and snorkeling tours are especially popular here in fresh water to gain unique impressions.

Highlight: Boat trip through the mangroves

In Rio de la Gartos we have experienced my personal highlight of the journey. The boat trip through the mangroves - everything feels like a vacation! Wind in the hair, warm sun on the skin, calm water under the boat. We see a lot of exotic bird species, a crocodile and some flamingos.

The best comes last

The icing on the cake was the return flight with Edelweiss Air in the business class. It tasted delicious. So good that you could get used to it. Starting with the fast procedure at check in, boarding up to the lounge entrance. On board I enjoyed top service, good sleep and delicious food - That's how time goes by on a long flight – I really can recommend it